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Protect the School Calendar!

We are a growing, grassroots coalition of parents and families from all across North Carolina who support the traditional school calendar. We are a voice for the overwhelming majority of North Carolina families who want to protect summer break for students, parents and teachers.

Our mission is simple: bring thousands of parents together to protect our summers from legislative efforts to mandate longer school years. We believe parents should have the freedom to pick the schedule that’s right for the their kids and right for their family.

What do we do?

  • Educate. We’re a resource for families and parents who want to stay up to date on the threat to their summers and potential changes to the state school calendar.
  • Communicate. We want to make our voices heard in the General Assembly by contacting legislators and supporting grassroots outreach.

Longer school years. Shorter summers. Less freedom for North Carolina parents to choose the schedule that’s best for their kids and their families.

That’s what could happen if state legislators change the school calendar law. And some lawmakers are pushing hard to do just that.

Why do our summers need protecting?

Here’s the backstory: For years, most North Carolina schools started early in August and some ran late into June. Teachers and parents across the state were desperate for a more flexible schedule option, with longer summers. Some needed more time to work and get real-world experience. Others worried about student burn out. Many wanted their kids to experience camps and other education opportunities. And most simply wanted longer summers to enjoy time with their families. So in 2004, the General Assembly finally changed the school calendar law to give parents, teachers and others more flexibility. Traditional schools across the state today start no later than the closest Monday to August 26 and end no later than the closest Friday to June 11. But that schedule is constantly under attack.

Families’ opinions haven’t changed: Recent surveys have shown an overwhelming majority of North Carolina parents oppose starting school in the first two weeks of August – and many would even push the start date back to Labor Day. Yet every year since the law changed, lawmakers in Raleigh have filed bills to change the statewide school calendar and chip away at our summers. And they’re gaining steam: Last year alone, over 40 school calendar bills were introduced in the North Carolina House.

Protect Summer for NC Families will keep you up to date on the latest from the legislature in Raleigh, and let you know which legislators could use a call or an email from you and your family.

For the complete history and original parent and teacher involvement that passed the school calendar law in 2004, please refer to the Save Our Summers – North Carolina website.



Summary: Some school systems across North Carolina are falsely labeling their traditional schools as “year round”, to skirt the law and chip away at our summers.

Action: Tell your legislators we need summers, school systems need to follow the law, and that you support changes to stop school systems from violating the school calendar law.



Why Summer Matters For Your Family
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