Legislators File Bills to Start School Earlier

A record number of school calendar bills were filed during the 2017 legislative session. As we noted here, the effect of these bills would be to shorten summers and take away the traditional calendar option for North Carolina families, even though most families say they want school to start in late August or after Labor Day.

The North Carolina House passed House Bill 375 and House Bill 389, which allow local boards of education to move the school start date up, potentially shortening summer break by several weeks. HB 375 and HB 389 await consideration by the Senate and are eligible for passage.

Prior to 2004, when the school calendar law went into effect, the vast majority of school systems across North Carolina were opening their doors very early in August… some even opened in July! Parents and teachers became frustrated with the shortened summer and fought for a traditional school calendar that protects summer break.

The education bureaucracy opposes the traditional school calendar. It is critically important that we educate North Carolina’s lawmakers on why the school calendar law should be protected.

Protect Summer for NC Families is a coalition of parents and families fighting to keep the traditional school calendar.