Summer Is Under Attack!

Kids are back in school. But your summer is still under attack.

Here’s how:

North Carolina has protected summer through a traditional school calendar since 2004 with the passage of the calendar law. The calendar law requires school to start at the end of August and end the second week of June. It guarantees parents have the freedom and flexibility to enjoy a traditional summer schedule, if that’s what they decide is best for their family. But school administrators and their lobbyists have been attacking your summer break since the law’s inception, and are still attacking it as you read this.

This year, the attacks reached a new level. Nearly 60 bills were introduced in the state legislature in 2017 to move the school start date up to the beginning of August. The N.C. House of Representatives passed HB 389, which would change the school start date to the Monday closest to August 10. The bill awaits consideration by the state Senate.

Shortening your summer again by starting school on August 10 would end summer for many students and teachers in mid-July. Fall sports tryouts and practices begin at least two weeks before the official first day of school. In fact, many fall sports have their first game before classes begin. Teachers also report early to set up their classrooms and prepare for the year.

North Carolina families overwhelmingly prefer school to start the last week of August or after Labor Day, according to polls by Elon University and High Point University. Protect Summer for NC Families is a voice for those families, strongly opposing any legislation that would undermine the traditional school calendar and send students back to school activities in July.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest efforts to attack our summers.

Protect Summer for NC Families is a coalition of parents and families fighting to protect the traditional school calendar.