What Does Summer Mean to You?

What does summer mean to you?

Odds are that question conjures images of happy places associated with relaxation, fun and sun.

Summer means trips to the beach, hiking in the mountains or attending your favorite 4th of July parade. Days are spent by the pool, at camp or on the sports field.

For many, summer is synonymous with family vacation. Summer is a designated time for families to get away to see friends, visit relatives and travel to new or favorite places.

Legislation pending in the N.C. General Assembly would shorten the length of summer, and cut the amount of time families have with each other. Summer trips? They’d be squeezed into a tighter timeframe, because school would start early in August. Summer activities, such as swim team and summer camp? They would be limited, too.

Protect Summer for NC Families believes summer is an important time for families and children to experience life outside of school, and most North Carolina families agree. We strongly oppose any legislation that would result in a longer school year or condensed summer beak.

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Protect Summer for NC Families is a coalition of parents and families fighting to protect the traditional school calendar.