National Poll Shows Adults Want Kids to Start School after Labor Day

Social media feeds are filled with pictures of smiling schoolchildren as students throughout North Carolina started their first week of school for the 2018-2019 calendar year Monday.

Most adults, however, think kids should still be enjoying their last week of summer.

According to a national survey, 53% of adults think the school year should begin after Labor Day as it does in many northern states.

North Carolina passed a state law in 2004 that prohibits schools from cutting summer short. The state’s calendar law requires the public school year to begin at the end of August and end the second week of June. The calendar law comes under attacked every year by school administrators and lobbyists who want classes to start at the beginning of August or even earlier.

We hope you’ll join our growing number of teachers and parents who strongly oppose any legislation that would undermine the traditional school calendar. You can join our coalition to Protect Summer for NC Families by registering on our website and liking our Facebook page.

To read the poll, click here.