A Local Decision

The groups pushing for shorter summers and longer school years have a rallying cry: “Local control!”

What they mean is county school boards – not the state legislature – should make decisions about the school calendar.

We agree that local decision-makers should have the final say in this debate – the local parents who want to protect summer for their kids.

Control over the school calendar can’t get more local than families, and North Carolina families resoundingly value summers and the predictability of a traditional school calendar.

Coastal State Rep. Pat McElraft was spot on in the recent debate over HB 79, the latest attempt to shorten summers and extend the school calendar:

“The school calendar bill… started with parents. They were losing summer with their children… For 15 years, everyone has been trying to give calendar control back to the locals. The locals are the parents. The ones that don’t have a summer with their children anymore.”

She’s right. In fact, most North Carolinians prefer school start the final week of August or after Labor Day.

So who should control the school calendar? Keep it local. Keep it in the families.