A Local Decision

The groups pushing for shorter summers and longer school years have a rallying cry: “Local control!” What they mean is county school boards – not the state legislature – should make decisions about the school calendar. We agree that local decision-makers should have the final say in this debate – the local parents who want to protect summer for their … Read More

Summer Jobs Make Better Students

One of the many benefits to protecting North Carolina’s school calendar law and giving families the option to have a real summer? Jobs. A few years ago, as states across the country were wrestling with the school calendar debate, researchers from Stanford University took a long look at summer’s impact on the classroom, specifically sustained employment and summer work programs … Read More

Summers Give Kids Much-Needed Play

It’s increasingly clear that students need time to explore, to imagine, to get creative, and to gain skills and knowledge they can’t get in a traditional classroom setting. In other words: kids need to play. And “playtime”, according to child development experts, has been shrinking for years – a trend they say should be reversed.  Consider the evidence: Studies have … Read More

National Poll Shows Adults Want Kids to Start School after Labor Day

Social media feeds are filled with pictures of smiling schoolchildren as students throughout North Carolina started their first week of school for the 2018-2019 calendar year Monday. Most adults, however, think kids should still be enjoying their last week of summer. According to a national survey, 53% of adults think the school year should begin after Labor Day as it … Read More

Summer Is Under Attack!

Kids are back in school. But your summer is still under attack. Here’s how: North Carolina has protected summer through a traditional school calendar since 2004 with the passage of the calendar law. The calendar law requires school to start at the end of August and end the second week of June. It guarantees parents have the freedom and flexibility … Read More

Legislators File Bills to Start School Earlier

A record number of school calendar bills were filed during the 2017 legislative session. As we noted here, the effect of these bills would be to shorten summers and take away the traditional calendar option for North Carolina families, even though most families say they want school to start in late August or after Labor Day. The North Carolina House … Read More

What Does Summer Mean to You?

What does summer mean to you? Odds are that question conjures images of happy places associated with relaxation, fun and sun. Summer means trips to the beach, hiking in the mountains or attending your favorite 4th of July parade. Days are spent by the pool, at camp or on the sports field. For many, summer is synonymous with family vacation. Summer … Read More